01 March 2014

Celebrating Lent as a family: devotional readings, music and crafts

There are many wonderful devotional books and readings available to deepen one's Lenten experience. Some are listed below. Personally, I love to choose a book to read a little at a time during the seasons of Lent and Advent.

But one of the most effective strategies to build one's relationship with the Lord during Lent is also one of the simplest.  A Bible reading plan that focuses on the Gospels is a wonderful way to be reminded of who Jesus is and what He did that led to His crucifixion and Resurrection.

A family might choose to do a plan together and read through one of the Gospels in the weeks before Easter. Or or use a children’s devotional to make projects that remind you of the path Jesus took to the cross.
There are also many wonderful choices available when it comes to worshipful music.  Lent is an excellent time to introduce kids to music they might not have experienced before like chant, oratory, or classical pieces.

The titles listed below are a very, very small sampling of the many resources available. These all have child-relatable elements and I find myself using them again and again for our family.  Use your discernment as to whether these fit your family's theological convictions.

Bible Reading Plans
YouVersion has three new plans (including one by NT Wright!)
Here's a 30-day Gospel of John plan